Newly introduced TOLKAR Double Deck Washer Extractor and Dryer is fully made of stainless steel where all other specifications and features are same as TOLKAR TX Washer Extractors and TCKM Tumble Dryers. Engineered ergonomic design occupies dramatically less area and easily transportable. Optionally coin slot unit can be mounted as well. 





Standard Features of Washer Extractor

• Fully Stainless Steel Outer Structure

• Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Drum

• 300 G Extraction Force

• Single Motor Drive with Inverter Frequency Control

• Free Standing. No Fixings On The Ground with Developed Springs and Shock Absorbers

• ST-37 Steel Balance Weight System

• Maximum Control Panel

• Cool Down

• Aluminum Main Rim System

• CE, TSE and ISO 9001 – 2000

• 50 Programmable Recipes (13 Stable and Reprogrammable, 99 Steps Each)

• Adjustable Drum Speed

• Adjustable Extraction Speed

• Adjustable Water Temperature

• Adjustable Water Level

• Adjustable Washing Time

• Manual Interference during the Process

• Manual Operating Of Each Step

• Logging of Last 30 Errors

• Tracing of Each Washing Step by LEDs

Standard Features of Tumble Dryer

• Engineered control panel

• Manual Interference during the process

• 10 fully programmable recipes

• Adjustable temperature

• Traceable drying and cool down timers

• Stainless steel lint filters (easily cleanable)

• Stainless steel inner & outer drum

• Fully stainless steel outer cabinet and covers

• Single rotation direction




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