The sewing machine which integrates the direct-drive motor,control box and control panel into a monolithic body is now provided with a new oil shielding mechanism.It not only eliminates oil stains on sewing products, but also further enhances workability and maintainability.


Model name                   DDL-900B-S                     DDL-900BB-S               DDL-900B-H              DDL-900BB-H
Application Standard For heavy weight materials
Lubrication Oil Shielding System
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 4mm 5mm
Needle DB×1 (#11) #9~#18 DB×1 (#21) #20~#23
Lift of the presser foot

By hand : 5.5mm, By Knee 13.0mm


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