Engineered for sweeping curves or straight line cutting; Eastman round knife machines are designed to cut and perform with maximum efficiency.Eastman EC-45 round knife machines is ideally suited for cutting large radius curves and straight lines. To match your cutting needs, the round knives are available with different blade sizes, various horsepower ratings and custom engineered gear ratios.

ec 45


Salient Features

  • Simple handling due to low centre of gravity.
  • Vibration free cutting with easy maneuverability.
  • High Speed Carbon steel coated blades for consistent performance.
  • Maximum cutting throughput for increased productivity.


Motor 220v/50c/1p
Horse Power 0.24HP
Motor Speed 560 rpm
Blade Size 11.4cm
Lower Bland Standard
Sharpener Stone Standard
Cutting Capacity 32mm
Machine Weight 3.7KG
Gross Weight 4.4KG
Box Dimension 0.39m x 0.31m x 0.9m
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