Transforms two-dimensional patterns into three-dimensional draped garments on virtual models.

Vstitcher™ enables users to transform 2D patterns into 3D draped garments on life-like virtual models (avatars).

Vstitcher's garment rendering capabilities, used in combination with Gerber's AccuMark® pattern design software, gives users the power to significantly compress product time to market and reduce costs associated with sample making.





Accelerate product development

By providing realistic garment modeling, Vstitcher reduces the number of samples exchanged between design and production teams and helps ensure the accuracy of first production samples. Virtual samples also minimize the need to send physical samples to colleagues and suppliers. Users can customize avatars for a wide array of parameters including age, gender, body style, posture, skin tone, hairstyle and even stages of pregnancy.


Reduce costs

Use 3D simulation to experiment with different fabrics and colorways. This enables the user to make important design decisions before producing a physical sample; saving both time and money.


Communicate more effectively

Use images generated in Vstitcher to communicate how merchandise displays in stores should be arranged. Sales teams can use Vstitcher images to present a garment in multiple colorways on various model types.


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