ringsorter The psb ringsorter is an automated sortation system for flat goods and piece goods. Through its circular structure, the ringsorter can be installed where only few space is available. The modular structure allows for individual configurations to suit project-specific requirements. The ringsorter is especially effective for the complex distribution of (very) small parts, large letters, parcels and packages.

hls The psb high performance sorter. This system has been especially developed for the sortation of hanging garments. In the most simple configuration, the garments on coat hangers are distributed to single outlets. It can be expanded for multi-step sortation processes with high sortation depth.

mtr The psb micro trolley system. The mtr is an automated buffer and sortation system for small parts and for garments on coat hangers. With this system, sophisticated sortation tasks (including detailed sequence sortation) can be seamlessly integrated into overall processes, without changing the goods carrier.








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