The ST range of cutting tables offers a wide range of made-to-measure cutting tables with a lot of unique options for quick, accurate and square cutting of made-to-measure awnings, screens,roller blinds and technical fabrics. With the unique two-step cutting solution, it is possible to cut any size on a small table.
The ST type cutting table is very suitable for cutting large numbers (up to 300 panels a day) of made-to-measure panels and constant roll changes.

A ST type cutting table is always built to the customer's needs and many options are available.


  • Any cutting size and area
  • Five different cutting systems
  • Stable steel frame with smooth and hard wearing table top
  • Unwinding system with edge control and rewinding motor
  • Optional quick change system for two cutting devices (e.g. ultrasonic and crush)
  • Pneumatic fabric clamp for holding the fabric during cutting
  • Programmable and motorized length stop system for quick, accurate and square cutting of panels
  • Barcode entry of cutting dimensions
  • Available options include: back lighting for inspection, two step cutting system, combined fabric pulling system and an air cushion system
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimension and options
  • Power supply 208/230V, 50/60Hz, 1kW, 6 bar air supply




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