Jumbo Chroma is fully electronic single jersey circular knitting machine with 8 feeds with 2 needle-to-needle selection points for each feed plus one colour feed station to work with 8 feeds with 3 technical ways and one colour plus the ground colour. Used to make underwear, outerwear, spotrswear and swimwear. 


  • Underwear, outerwear, spotrswear and swimwear and medical garments;
  • Welt: single or duble with different selections and medical garments;
  • Possibility of making patterns or script with the patented Sangiacomo system that achieves perfect colour definition and consequently also that of the pattern.




No. 8 for all diameters;


No. 2 for each feed, each with 16 levels, to work with 8 feeds with 3 technical ways;

Yarn fingers :

No 7 for each feed station; N° 2 for each colour station;

Vertical trappers for bare or covered elastic yarns:

No. 2 for each feed;

Suction intakes :

No. 1 on each feed;

Stitch regulation :

using independent stepper motors for each feed with the possibility of widening and shrinkage the same course;


From 13" to 17";

Machine gauge :

From 16 to 32;

Needle gauge :

From 48 to 75;


From 100 to 150 RPM depending on the cylinder diameter and the work process;


Approx 800 Kg


from the computer thanks to the Supergraphics software with the possibility of modifying the program directly on board the machine;


Electronic equipment designed for connection to the Supervisor data acquisition system in order to monitor the production data;

Take-down system:

suction with 2 fans or centralized system; the machine is equipped standard with rotating tube to avoid torsion on the product;


No. 8 Memminger IRO SFE; No 10 BTSR-KTF 100 / Memminger EFS 610.


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