Star HT from Sangiacomo is a Single-cylinder 2-feed machine with needles in the dial, designed to make quality socks with 3-colour patterns. Sangiacomo STAR Hi-Tech single-cylinder 2-feed machine with sinker needle that incorporates high technology to combine high production with top quality and extreme simplicity of use. Produced in 4 diameters. The machine's main motor has a hollow shaft and is integrated with the cylinder post.This solution eliminates the transmission between motor and machine and reduces power consumption. The transmission between cylinder and dial has been completely redesigned, replacing the gear chain with a cogged belt drive that is noiseless and maintenance-free, patented by Sangiacomo.





Machine with 2 feeds with 5 selection units designed for needle-by-needle selection in any part on the sock, with: - 1st feed leading to the 4 selection units, 1 for the ground colour and 3 for the colours; 2nd feed which can be very easily used or excluded and which leads to 1 selection unit;


• True rib elastic welt;

• Double welt with the possibility of inserting two elastics plus two feeds;

• Rib stitch socks with 1:1 welt and the possibility of changing to 3:1 – 5:1 etc. in the leg and the foot.The sock can be with sole or the entire

• foot in terry or plain mesh;

• Socks in Jacquard 2-colour rib with foot and sole in plain mesh or terry;

• Sandwich terry in the leg, heel and toe;

• Reinforcing with two feeds plus heel and toe;

• Normal and sandwich terry sock with 1 or 2 feeds that can be selected;

• Possibility of gradual regulation of the stitch with continuous variation;

• Socks with multicolour stripes;

• Socks with false links;

• Possibility of inserting the elastic in various points on the sock;

• Imitation openwork mesh;

• Tuck stitches.



Yam fingers :

N°. 6 on the 1stfeed; No. 4 on the 2nd feed; No. 3 for each of the 3 colour feeds; No. 2 for the elastic with independent feed;


Stitch regulation using independently adjustable stepper motors;


from the computer thanks to the Supergraphics software with the possibility of modifying the program directly on board the machine;


equipment designed for connection to the Supervisor data acquisition system in order to monitor the production data;


3.1/2” – 4” – 4.1/2” – 5”;

Number of needles:

from 64 to 200;

Needle gauge:

from 10 to 48;


Approx kg 320 – kg 360 con Classic Linking;

Supergraphics e Supervisor :

softwares developed by Sangiacomo and are targeted to solve in the most simple way the machine programming and the analysis of the production data.



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