Sangiacomo Fantasia 2C HT is a single-cylinder 2-feed machine to produce high quality socks with multicolour patterns in a wide range of gauges. It is a single-cylinder 2-feed machine that incorporates high technology to combine high production with top quality and extreme simplicity of use.The machine’s main motor has a hollow shaft and is integrated with the cylinder post.This solution eliminates the transmission between motor and machine, reducing the power consumption.




2-feed machine with 7 yarn-finger units connected to 7 needle-selection units, designed for the needle-by-needle selection in any part of the sock;


  • Socks and tights in plain mesh, normal terry and sandwich terry with 1 colour plus the ground colour, working with 2 feeds;
  • Possibility of making 6-colour patterns plus the ground colour on the same course for a total of 17 colours plus 2 ground colours on the sock,
  • Working with 1 feed;
  • Double welt or single welt with 1 or 2 feeds.
  • Possibility of three-dimensional patterns;
  • Possibility of fillet-stitch patterns;
  • Floated Jacquard with 2 feeds plus 4 colours on the same course;
  • Needle-by-needle selection of the elastic for false ribs with the possibility of making 5-colour patterns even on the double welt and the elastic;
  • Tuck and fillet stitches; Possibility of making normal terry and sandwich terry using the same sinker cover.


Yarn fingers:

N° 8 on the main feed;
N° 7 on 2nd feed;


N° 3 for each of the 5 colour feeds;
N° 1 for the elastic feed;


Stitch regulation using independently adjustable stepper motors;


from the computer thanks to theSupergraphics software with the possibility of modifying the program directly on board the machine;


Equipment designed for connection to the Supervisor data acquisition system in order to monitor the production data;


3.1/4” - 3.3/4”;

Number of needles :

from 64 to 240;

Needle gauge :

from 24 to 54;


approx kg 300 ca. – kg 340 ca. with Classic Linking;

Supergraphics e Supervisor

are softwares developed by Sangiacomo and are targeted to solve in the most simple way the machine programming and the analysis of the production data.


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