The serging unit TS-1600 and TS-1700 is designed for serging operations of trousers, skirts and small parts. Depending on the model the serging unit can be used for trousers with or without knee lining. The serging unit for trousers and skirts uses the overlock Pegasus 3-thread sewing head EX 5204. The preseams of ham, fly curve and seat curve can be serged manually while side seams and in-seams are sewn fully automatically with consistent and accurate seam width. The high speed of the serging unit allows fast and overlapping working method without manual interference of the operator. Touch screen graphical display provides easy of use and quick training.



Pegasus 3-thread sewing head EX 5204

PLC control system with touch screen display

Height adjustable edge guide for different material thicknesses

Automatic chain cutting with waste removal

Thread monitor

Cycle sewing for sequential working of front and back garment panels

Automatic stacking

Step motor controlled differential feeding for optimum fullness insertion in lining area - TS-1700 only



Trousers, skirts and small parts

sewing Procedure

  • lay the front/ back panel either with or without the lining of the trousers on the work table
  • the machine starts sewing automatically thanks to a photocell sensor once the panel is pushed towards the needle
  • the panel is automatically guided and the overlock chain automatically trimmed and sucked to the waste bin
  • the panel is automatically stacked







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