An interactive pattern design system that bridges the gap between manual pattern making and computer automation.The patented Silhouette™ drafting table functions similar to a tablet PC. Images drawn or traced on the interactive table are automatically converted to digitally formatted patterns which can be used to make markers/nests instantly.The system eliminates time-intensive, repetitive tasks, enabling you to make patterns in less time.


Accelerate the pattern design process

Input fit adjustments from the sample to computerized patterns by tracing directly on the Silhouette table. Automatically revises seam allowances and/or grading after pattern modifications.

Transition from manual to digital pattern making

Draw in full scale on the Silhouette table and allow the system to size it to fit the computer screen. Pin pieces of garments or samples to the tabletop and trace the pattern shapes directly into the system.

Communicate with AccuMark CAD

Exchange information with a wide range of CAD systems through Gerber’sAccuMark® pattern design, grading and marker making software.


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