AB-1351 is the world's first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns! The belt-loop sewing shape and sewing size can be easily changed through the operation panel.This machine not only reduces the time required for the belt-loop attaching process, but also achieves labor-saving, such as the elimination of the previous process (belt-loop cutting). Productivity can be dramatically increased when one operator attends to two AB-1351 units.JUKI's unique belt-loop feeding/folding mechanism helps achieve beautifully-attached consistent-quality belt-loops with constant sewing dimensions (amount of slack).




Model NameAB-1351
Machine head LK-1961/ABH (Exclusive machine head based on the LK-1900A, Semi-dry-head)
Max. sewing speed 2,500sti/min
Stored bartacking patterns (Stittches) Linear bartacking(12,15,21,28,36,41)/Zigzag bartacking(28,36,42)
Bartacking size length-wise:0~3.2mm(0"~1/8")〈adjustable in increments of 0.1mm〉
cross-wise:6~23mm(15/16"~57/64")〈adjustable in increments of 0.1mm〉
Number of bartacking patterns

that can be input

200 patterns, Max. 20,000 stitches in total patterns
Needle DP × 17 #14, 135 × 17 #90
Thread Spun 80Nm (recommend), Filament 80Nm (80Nm=#50)
Belt-loop width

8~20mm (5/16"~25/32")


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