High productivity, high efficiency: 
A real solution. Now the future in the label machine field is a reality. With MEI International / Dornier airjet machine, You ll reach the highest performances and the highest productivity in a very simple and easy way.The perfect solution for little and big orders, answering to the real needs of the worldwide market.The new airjet technology from MEI International is able to offer a high intelligent equipment very easy to use.

Airjet: Low costs system
Maximum ease of maintenance, that means low costs, because there are no mechanical elements existing that require accelleration and deceleration for filling inserction.A particular gantry, apposite studied for airjet configuration, permits to work without any kind of vibration: it means an important reduction of loom's stop for yarn broken (warp or weft). 

The textile elements: 
the main key The yarn count-related filling tension remains constant because transmission of force for yarn insertion is achieved through contact of the compressed air with the yarn surface. 

High machine intelligence
Thanks to intensive research and development work, the performance and efficiency of the MEI air-jet weaving machine, has been constantly improved and its range of applications in relation to high-grade fabrics has also been substantially extended. As a result, it meets even the highest requirements concerning label appearance, product quality and beat-up density. 

Maximize profitability
The only label solution machine that can help you grow market share, retain existing customers, and improve your profitability. As a provider of labels maker, you have a tremendous opportunity for accelerated growth and increas profit-ability by delivering a wide range of new and differentiated woven labels, with new weaves, high definition, at low cost. It's this new opportunity that will give you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers, and your ability to profitably deliver these value-added, news will be a critical factor in your future success. Infact, how can you maximize your profits, and cut operating expenses at the same time? Only one offering can do this: MEI AirJet machine. It's a outstanding woven labels machine that can take you into the New Century with confidence and great optimism. This new solution can help you gain a decisive advantage by allowing you to: 1) develop a competitive labels production service to retain your customers and getting new ones 2) reduce the time-to-market for new products 3) improve your staff productivity and asset utilization 4) improve your margin 5) reduce the cost of Ownership


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