The best technology at the service of creativity in woven labels
The new MEI CLASSIC woven labels machine presents flexibility and versatility at its best. 
With exceptional setting consistency and also immediate readiness to produce any labels, the machine reliably produces first quality labels, even with the most difficult yarns. It achieves the unmatched quality of rapier looms together with fantastic new productivity levels. One of the outstanding features of the rapier loom is that it gives the greatest number of possibilities to express more refined varieties of woven labels items.

The MEI CLASSIC, is therefore the ideal tool for the innovative labels idea to follow new directions and pull ahead of the competition. This machine is characterized by weft insertion with flexible rapiers with “dynamically controlled system”. With WSC mode, you can reduce section shaped in accordance with the geometry of the warp shed. 
The new generation of rapiers are their lightweight and small-sized, yet very rugged and reliable. In fact the innovative new rapiers sliding race-board ensures the most extensive efficacy and easy use with all the yarns.
The rapiers allow you to weave the most diverse and difficult yarns, with unique precision and reliability.

The new MEI rapiers machine meets our customers’ needs with a new technology that ensures consistency and precision, reduced waste at minimum maintenance costs.

Exceptional structural solidity to withstand even the heaviest works
A versatile, high performance machine, the MEI rapiers machine, ensures maximum quality and reliability even when weaving the most difficult and most beaten-up woven labels. The modularity concept integrates an extensive variety of arrangement options like flexible rapiers with “dynamic control”, new distribution of mechanism masses that ensure greatest stability, multiple mechatronic systems integrated, precision warp motion system that guarantees repeatability of the regulating parameters for excellent and stable woven labels quality.


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