A revolutionary machine
A Rapier Loom with high performance and compact size. The huge manufacturing experience resulting in one of the finest rapier loom. The main feature of the new MEI HS COMPACT is its capacity to offer top performances at high speed and power with simplicity and safety constant over time, showing an incredible easy to work machine with
high weaving speeds and low running costs in a single, much appreciated loom. 
We was able to offer the best performance ever for labels weaving with very simple way, reducing the maintenance and production costs in order of 60% compare with a traditional labels loom of our competitors. Another point to consider is the absolutely open source loom with the possibility to find original spare parts all over the world with our partner suppliers, that can guarantee assistance and quick delivery, without any required relation with MEI, at the costs of one/third than our competitors machine parts costs.

Weaving efficiency is expressed in terms of maximum output per loom, top quality labels, constant performance, the highest speed in its category plus the change to face whatever the labels market throws at you with confidence and easy. Now even the space is no more a problem with its compact size. The machine we are going to promote is the synthesis of these new exigencies, a LABEL MACHINE extremely compact but highly versatile and competitive, 6 repeats at more than 700 rpm. (means 86.400 weft/min), performance with the lowest maintenance and management costs of its category (yearly costs no more than 6500US$). In fact, thanks to a new patented system, that has become the heart of the machine, a screw in temperate titanium guarantees an extremely precise rapier motion control without equals. 

Exceptional structural solidity to withstand even the heaviest works
A versatile, high performance machine, the MEI HS COMPACT, ensures maximum quality and reliability even when weaving the most difficult and most beaten-up woven labels like the newest PRESTIGE labels. 


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