The easiest way to create, transfer or hotfix motifs.




  • Automatic machine for creating motifs with rhinestones/Rhine studs and others.
  • Simple, small and low cost.
  • For industry, designers, or garment personalization.
  • Reliable and low maintenance. 
  • Easy and intuitive Software 
  • 4 Sizes or 4 Colours on the same design.
  • Easy portable to anywhere.



  • 4 pots to use 4 colors or 4 sizes
  • Stones or studs of 2mm to 8mm
  • Speed 120 stones per minute.
  • Work area 330x500 mm
  • Size: 70cmx75cm
  • Uploaded by design: USB Connection
  • Electricity: 230V 50Hz 2A
  • Compressed Air: 5bar 50Liters per minute (compressor 100L/min recommended)
  • Weight: 30kg



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