The experience in the field of woven label equipment, the perfect knowledge of the market,
of the weaving and drawing art, as well as the demand of new products required by the industry and fashion, has led MEI to develop, carry out and produce a new revolutionary machine for the production of woven labels equipped with an ultrasonic slit.

The main characteristic of this machine is not only to manufacture labels with a perfect SUPER SOFT SELVEDGE, although this has always been requested by the market but to offer an innumerable possibility of label production with a completely different LOOK compared to the traditonal one. With the additional warp beam linked to the weaving and drawing art, you can obtain labels with special effect, that is EMBROIDERY, EMBOSSING types.

By using particular fibers of different nature and with special dying effects you can fit labels on garments (before dying the same) go to get red labels on red garments green labels on green garments and so on.

Here below we illustrate further characteristics of the ultrasonic loom : 1.warp : possibility of using, in addition to the normal polyester beam, a supplementary warp beam with 100% cotton yarn or non-thermosealable fibres ; 2.weft : possibility of using all type of fibres ; 3.dyeing : possibility of dyeing the labels directly on the garment ; 4.trimming : possibility of producing all kind of cotton trimming ribbons with warp effects ; 5.labels in relief : possibility of working with two warp beams with different fibres and different tensions ; this allows you to get particular relieves that look like the embroidery relieves ; 6.scarfs : possibility of producing a new and revolutionary type of scarf in acrilic or natural fibres ; 7.selvedges : possibility of working perfect selvedges and edges with all kind of yarn ; this allows to apply the labels on under-clothes, shirts, etc...




USC cutting device means:
Labels with embossed and embroidered effect !!!
Labels for garment dying!!!
Labels with natural fibres ( new in look and feel )
Labels are automatically closed !!!
Super soft selvedge !!!
Small letters or images are very clear !!!

The technique of the ultrasonic slit allows to utilize and weave an innumerable range of fibres and yarns which are offered by the market, as for example : boucle' yarns, chenile yarns, yarns of intimate mixture, etc. These were destinated to the clothing field before, but now must be necessarily used for the labels production, since it is indispensable to identify a QUALITY PRODUCT.

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