The GERBERcutter® Z7 is a feature-rich high-ply cutting system that combines precision with speed to cut the most demanding materials to the tightest of tolerances.The Z7 cutting system contains a unique chaff collection system that removes drill plugs via a vacuum tube, preventing them from embedding in the bristle surface. This extends bristle life, reduces cleanup and ensures accurately cut parts time after time.Cuts up to 7.2 cm. (2.8 inches) of compressed material for many applications.



  • Precision

Sophisticated software algorithms anticipate and avoid knife deflection during the cutting process. This ensures parts, including circles and notches, are cut precisely from the top to the bottom ply.

  • Productivity

Gerber cutter Z7 is designed to cut intricate shapes, multiple hole sizes and notches precisely without interruption at high speed.

  • Performance

Engineered to meet today’s business challenges. Powerful reporting capabilities make it easy to measure throughput and satisfy customer reporting requirements on quality and compliance.




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