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Al Borj History

Every brilliant idea when translated in to action with a blend of innovation & consistency delivers quantified results at the right time. The birth and growth of Al Borj is an example of this visionary approach by our top management team.

Historic Birth of Al Borj

The saga of AlBorj begins with our Karachi based sister concern company “Al Murtaza” way back in 1973. The visionary plan for Al Borj was initiated in 1986 through an enquiry received by Al -Murtaza from the well-known group Al Fajr in UAE. The requirement for setting up a garment factory by Al Fajr sowed the seeds for creating an agency that would cater to these requirements in the future. This idea mushroomed into the very own existence of Al Borj.

Al Borj was established under the joint partnership of Al Murtaza family and Asif Ali Rashid (AL Khwaja ) family.

In May 1987 a formal office was established at the current location. To start off, the company initially promoted garment industries in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka with the sole objective of convincing them to start a garment factory unit in UAE. The region with no quota system was always a point of attraction for entrepreneurs.

Golden Moments of Al Borj

With the World Trade Organization’s elimination of trade quotas in 2004, more and more companies realized that automation is the only way to achieve a competitive edge. Al Borj bagged this opportunity to promote and supply highly automated machines from top reputed suppliers worldwide. Further, the socio-economic condition like modern banking facilities, Duty-Free Zones, and cheap labor acted as a catalyst in our effort to completely automize the garment industry.

After revolutionizing the garment machinery sector, Al Borj ventured into automated machinery for the home textile industry as well. With changing market trends, automated solutions became a vital part of industry needs. Eventually, the concept gained popularity within local Arab manufacturers and Non Apparel sectors including Car Seat manufacturers, tent manufacturers etc.

Over a period of time, Al Borj experienced resounding success in promoting high-tech embroidery machines to the textile industry.

The Growth and transcendence

With a proper unit base in form of Al Murtaza with reputed suppliers, there was never a problem for Al Borj in getting the major agencies for global reputed brands. Most of these suppliers represented our General Machines Department Taking a step further Al Borj partnered with the leaders in industrial Cutting – Gerber Technology in 1988 to further extend its product profile

The boom in the industry during the year 1992-93 witnessed the existence of around 260 garment industries in the UAE and around the GCC region.

Our initial mode of promotion was mainly through word of mouth. Thereafter marketing newsletters were published on a timely basis in an effort to increase awareness with maximum customer reach. This was followed by get-together dinner parties organized for social networking and further strengthening our customer relationships for business promotion. Attending exhibitions for “Texpa consistently for 10 years in Sharjah(UAE) provided another mileage in our effort to promote Al Borj in GCC, Middle East, and Africa region.