Continuous Type Sublimation Heat Transfer Drum Press

HSP 1300RU HSP 1600RU HSP 2000RU


  • This machine is adopted upper position installation system. Installation of easy shrinking fabrics such as dual-layered fabrics to the machine is easy. Printed page comes to surface makes regulating pattern easy.
  • Size of Heating Drum is φ405mm.  And the temperature on the surface of the drum is uniformed.
  • You can chose the size of table for material installation (Optional).


Description Continous Heat Transfer Press
Model HSP-1300RU HSP-1600RU HSP-2000RU
Voltage 3P380V 3P380V 3P380V
OutPut (Heater) 19.6kw    23.6kw 29.4kw
Pressing Speed 1.58m/min
Temperature(MAX) 230℃
Pressing Width 1,300mm 1,600mm 2,000mm
Dimension(W) 1,950mm 2,350mm 2,800mm
Dimension(D) 2,210mm  
 Dimension(H) 1,270mm
 Weight  1,050kgs 1,280kgs 1,600kgs


 HSP 1300RU HSP 1600RU HSP 2000RU 1         HSP 1300RU HSP 1600RU HSP 2000RU 2

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