Improve cut part quality on single-ply and multi-ply cutters.CutWorks® is a modular software system that offers a complete design, nesting and cutting solution for flexible materials.CutWorks serves two functions. Not only is it the graphical user interface for most of Gerber Technology’s single-ply cutters, but it can also be used as cut file preparation software for virtually any other automated cutting system on the market, both Gerber’s and others to dramatically improve cut part quality.


Improve cut part quality

Improve cut part quality by fine-tuning the CAD data you are sending to your cutter. Automatically remove extra vertices. Control both the direction of cut and the start point to prevent material from moving during cutting.

Reduce cutting times

With CutWorks and the ToolPath module, you have full control over the exact order of cutting of both the data within individual parts and the order of parts within the complete nest. Reduce cutting times by following a more efficient cut path.

Powerful nesting functionality

CutWorks offers several powerful nesting packages including manual nesting and multiple automatic nesting modules to improve material utilization and nesting speeds.


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