Eisenkolb DEKO-2000 is a professional curtain ironing table for fast and efficient ironing of large and heavy curtains.




  • Equipped with a large, 280 x 60 cm, electrically heated ironing surface.
  • Homogeneous exhaust over the complete surface by 2 powerful integrated turbines.
  • Rotating ironing surface, which can be moved forwards or backwards by means of a foot pedal, for the effortless transport of an ironed curtain.
  • The ergonomic construction of an ironing surface under a 6-degree angle and a weightless hanging/guiding of the iron prevent fatigue and RSI.
  • Fabric troughs at the front and back of the table prevent contamination of the curtain by contact with the ground.
  • The installation is completed with iron hanging device, balancer for the weight compensation and ironing surface fluorescent tube lighting.



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