Eisenkolb DCP-2200 is an automatic 2-needle lock stitch tape attaching machine.


  • Equipped with high speed 2-needle lock stitch machine with needle feed and intermittent puller feed for efficient and pucker free tape attaching.
  • Fitted with large size, double capacity hooks to increase machine output by cutting down machine stops to replace bobbins.
  • Sewing head available in many needle gauges from 3 to 38 mm (with thread cutter) and needle gauges 50, 55, 65 and 68 mm without thread trimmer.
  • Fully automatic, computer controlled sewing cycle with reverse stitches at the start and stop of the sewing operation.
  • Compact, slim type, space saving frame with fully synchronized, 550 cm long, conveyor belt simplifies the handling of large and heavy curtains.




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